A Variety of Incentive Gifts

Bringing Unique, Quality, Apparel and Gift Items to You

We bring 25 years of incentive gifting experience to the market. Don’t get lost in the promotional products game. Our understanding of your industry means bringing unique, quality, apparel and gift items to you. Gift Gurus offers premium retail brands, exceptional service and industry knowledge to make your gifting experience everything that you expect it to be. Always looking for the best quality even when the budget is restricted, our curation of products is high end department store laudable.


Wow! The world is moving so fast these days! Not a day goes by that a new technology is not introduced to our radars, on our TV’s or flashed across our social devices! I think I am right in saying that the majority of our employees and corporate clients run on this cutting edge. That’s why at Gift Gurus USA it is important that we keep strong relationships with the ‘behind-the-scenes” purveyors of all these new technologies. If you have seen it somewhere, then in all likelihood we can get it for you.

Recognized Brands

Imagine walking into a department store filled with your favorite brands………Gift Gurus is just that without the brick & mortar. We have long established relationships with brands like Tag Heuer, Stow London, Peter Millar, Coolibar, Brics Italian Luggage, Le Creuset, Vincero Watches, Corkcicle and so many more. We attend numerous buying shows each year to source what is trending in fashion, electronics, Tabletop, and apparel.

Bags and Luggage

Beautiful, luxury, trendy, practical & hard-wearing or just custom & cute! Gift Gurus provides a variety of customized bags for registration, day excursions, business bags, backpacks, golf bags, etc. We offer the best luxury travel luggage in the world with brands like Brics, Briggs & Riley, Tumi, Nike and more.


We offer the best selection of state of the art drinkware. Some of our brands include Corkcicle, Yeti, Miir, Asabu, Swell and more.

Men’s Gifts

What Men Want! Curating men’s gifts can be difficult. Through our experience with our On Site Gifting and Pop-up Webstores, Gift Gurus has collected data that aids in our search for new and exciting gifts.

Women’s Gifts

Where do we begin? Designer Purses, Oprah’s Favorite Things, Designer Jewelry, Retail Brand Apparel, Designer Sunglasses, Luxurious Spa Products, and the list goes on. If you have seen in Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales then it is very likely we have it too!

Socially Conscious Gifts

Social conscious gifting means supporting brands that are producing items ethically. Items that are sustainable and often provide support to deteriorating resources or the welfare of humans and animals. They bring social awareness to the travesty facing our world. Particularly close to our hearts, we have sourced some amazing products. We continue to discover new Fair Trade and Socially responsible brands every day. Among our favorites is House of Marley.

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