Let’s face it, we have all spent the past few months navigating the “New Norm” in our personal as well as professional lives. As is with most change there is a settling period. I personally found myself at odds when my very hectic work schedule screeched to a halt. (Did I mention that I live on the West Coast and my workday began at 6:00 am PST).

Typically, January through May are filled with Incentive Meetings and gifting to enrich these events. As one event after another cancelled, I realized the gravity of the situation. No on-site programs this year……perhaps not until mid to late 2021. Everything that I had worked on over the past six months, I would not see come to fruition. Sound familiar? What now? Where do we go from here?

Fortunately, our ad hoc gifting webstores were still in play which kept us busy. Focusing on this gifting platform we enhanced this creative branch of service. The result……..Our online “pop-up” store gift curation is the best it’s ever been. We’ve revisited some of our retail brands that were forgotten. We’ve established some new relationships with product lines that augment “Work From Home” …..largely, we’ve had the time to improve upon this service!

It appears that the Incentive Gifting arena has found its newest platform in themed mailers for your Virtual Events! Whether you are motivating your Sales Team or conducting a fun Cooking Class or Mixology course to enhance your Virtual Conference or Symposium, Gift Gurus has a selection of marketing worthy custom mailer boxes & contents that fit the mode. We are literally thinking outside the box….or in the case the box itself. We have the ability to design full color (inside and out) “attention getting” graphics and text to create one of kind mailers that will ensure that your recipients open them immediately.

I am thankful to once again be busy. As we move forward, we wish you all the absolute best in health and emotional stability. We are grateful for our loyal following of clients and the clients that have just recently found us. We look forward to working with you through this uncertain time. Establishing the new narrative and assisting you with motivating your clients and employees.

Founder & Gift Guru
Karen Allan

Be realistic in the number of options in relation to the size of the group. Yes, variety is key. Too many options may leave your recipients overwhelmed.
Choose a variety of gift options. If your event is heavily gender oriented, consider a few options that appeal to the opposite gender. For instance, men very often select a gift for their wives.
Take into consideration that branding may incur additional fees simply due to the decreased quantity.
Determine what you want to accomplish with the mailer. Are the contents most important? In that case, we might suggest adding an imprinted label to the box.
When considering your budget, depending on quantity & size, our custom graphic mailers can range $5.00 – $20.00. Does the impact of the graphic box make the difference in what you are trying to achieve?
Remember the more time you provide us to curate your mailer, the more creative we can be.